About Company

Electrical Distribution & Controll

Prastiwahyu Tunas Engineering is a company which created and owned by high motivated and creative young individuals. The Company have a wide-range business experience in electrical, telecommunication and mechanical works. Prastiwahyu Tunas Engineering uses ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 management system, which we can easily monitored process manufacturing.

We Control all process start from production planning, receiving material, assembeling, quality control and Delivery. We Guarantee to delivery good quality of product to our customers and provide after sales service as our priority

Our Mission

Deliver best engineering services and competitive customize product with quality and technology innovative as our highest priority. Concern with human resources capability improvement , and develop responsive and dynamic team. Gift value added for customer, share holder, employee, community due to corporate growth

Our Vision

To Be a strategic partner for Electrical Distribution Manufacturing, and Provide Engineering Solution

Director Statement

Since the company establishment in 2003, we follow our basic philosophy of helping customers and society foster mutual understanding through better communications. We are aware the challenges that we face in Electrical Panel Manufacturing now ad ays are complex, but our understanding and experience has grown and continues to grow considerably. Today we are one of the most successful company in Electrical Panel Manufacturing in Indonesia. Our commitment to provide a good solution to our customers thru Design, cost efficient and meet to customers need is our main objective. At Prastiwahyu Tunas Engineering, we aware support from customers have played a vital role to our success. Thus everyone in company has the responsibility to provide professional and dedicated service to our customers. We understand our future depends on sustaining customer satisfaction and we will strive hard to be a part of our customer's success.

Suwardoyo Surip

President Director